Strange Twist Leads to Forest in Search for Missing Poker Pro Strassmann

Johannes Strassmann

An unexpected twist has lead investigators to a forested area in Llubljana, Slovenia, in the continuing search for missing German poker pro Johannes Strassmann.

Reported missing on June 22 after disappearing down an alleyway the night before around 10 pm, friends and police have been frantically searching the nearby area for any traces of the 29-year-old.

A Facebook page was created by friends Nace Panic and Duc Ngo in support of the search, to which Panic posted the following message three hours ago:

"Super intesive action going on someone in the forest responded twhen friends called out for him by name in english with german acent : "i m here , i m hungry" then vanished when they went to look in direction of the sound but there was noone, so exstensive search is goin on now..

"helicopters again lots of police with lots of dogs.. Lets hope for the best , i ll keep u updated.."

Forested Area Heavily Damaged By Winter Storm

The search is currently centralized in that area although according to another update from a friend named Žarko, the area was recently severely damaged by a winter storm and is difficult to navigate.

Police patrol units with tracking dogs are also on the scene. Updates can be found on the Missing Johannes Strassman Facebook page. Family members have arrived in Llubljana to help with the search and Strassmann's apartment in Vienna has been visited by police.

UPDATE, JUNE 27 9 PM CET Slovenian police have pulled the body of a man from the river in Llubljana. It is NOT confirmed to be Strassmann as it is unidentifiable and DNA testing is required. Reults are expected within 24-48 hours.

UPDATE, JUNE 26 10 PM CET: A new update on the FB page has indicated a reported sighting of Strassmann in the city of Nova Gorica, 100km west of Llubljana. The sighting is unconfirmed but police are following up.

Strassmann was a guest at the 2013 PokerListings Battle of Malta and can be seen in the below video. If anyone has seen Strassmann or has any information they can contact Slovenian police at 386 801200 or +386 113.

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