Slots in a trailer? Vegas Baby!

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If you look hard enough you'll find a trailer where you can play slots.

If you build it they will come, even if it is a 40-by-10-foot trailer on a vacant 26-acre plot six miles east of the Las Vegas strip.

The New York Times is reporting that Station Casinos opened a miniscule casino in a trailer for the sole purpose of keeping the valuable zoning designation to conduct gambling. The law requires public gambling to happen on the property at least one shift every two years.

"It just has to be open to the public," said Lori Nelson in the Times article. Nelson is a spokeswomen for Station Casino, which owns 16 casinos in Nevada and one in California. "You don't need to promote it. You don't really need to have people gamble here. But you do need to have that option."

The tiny casino, which local newspapers dubbed Trailer Station, was only open for eight hours on Jan. 8 but it came complete with its own floor manager who kept his eye on the 16 slots in the building and a portable toilet. Even the entrance was wheel-chair accessible to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. A security guard patrolled outside and two zoning city zoning officers visited for 20 minutes to make sure everything was up to code.

Trailer Station was fully equipped with seven permits, including approvals from the City Council and the Nevada Gaming Control Board and a certificate of occupancy.

Although a few reporters came out for the event there were no actual customers.

Station Casinos purchased the property in 2005 and subsequently demolished the Showboat and the Castaways which were both located on the land. The company has yet to come up with plans for the location.

If Station Casinos does not build a casino in the next two years there is a good chance the Trailer Station will make a return. Perhaps next time the zoning oddity will get a couple customers.

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