Six players win ECOOP seats at CD Poker

Empire Casino, London

Many have tried, but only six were able to claw their way to the top of the CD Poker and freerolls the past six weeks to win a seat in the main event of the European Championship of Online Poker.

The first week, 43 players who qualified for the first freeroll offering up an ECOOP seat worth $1,060 sat down to play Oct. 17. To qualify, players had to have signed up at CD Poker through and earned one CDPoint the week before each tournament.

Coming out on top of the first freeroll was Calavezzi. The Top 10 players in the freeroll were:

  1. Calavezzi
  2. bcbud15
  3. ILPIST64
  4. TheWheelFlush
  5. PokerBeaver
  6. jerhumcoka
  7. diggerboy1405
  9. moriczt21
  10. Sidibouz

The playing field nearly doubled for the second ECOOP freeroll that took place Oct. 24, with 85 players taking to the virtual felt.

Some familiar faces made it to the final table once again, but it was beast6666 who took home the seat. The Top 10 players were:

  1. beast6666
  2. TheWheelFlush
  3. raskalus
  4. Mrs2k6
  5. dovla
  7. pokerkatcd
  8. Sidibouz
  9. vlady011
  10. ilperni

Once again the field increased as 104 qualifiers played in the Oct. 31 freeroll. TheWheelFlush made his third appearance at a final table, and pokerkatcd made it there again as well.

However, this time it was JAYDOUBLEYOU who took home the ECOOP main event seat. The Top 10 players were:

  2. Aaleks
  3. Signorixxx
  4. TheWheelFlush
  5. route17x
  6. WolresTartir
  7. capitan168
  8. pokerkatcd
  9. coronagi
  10. Kaktuzs

One Nov. 7, 125 qualifiers headed to the tables at CD Poker for another freeroll. This time Kaktuzs returned and improved on his 10th-place spot from the week before to win a seat in the ECOOP.

The Top 10 players were:

  1. Kaktuzs
  2. beatboy17
  3. giel77
  4. Sonykk
  5. armondo80
  6. ETduck
  7. Sidibouz
  8. Pahomich7
  9. moisej
  10. pokerkatcd

With only two more freerolls left, plenty of players turned up for the Nov. 14 freeroll after qualifying. Making it to the top of the 140-person field to earn an ECOOP seat was steff54.

The Top 10 players in the event were:

  1. steff54
  2. psycosi1
  3. ILPIST64
  4. Markmax2
  5. preabun
  6. bcbud15
  7. antony008
  8. Signorixxx
  9. CPR72973082
  10. mysterywitegirl

The final ECOOP seat freeroll exclusively for players at CD Poker took place Oct. 21 with 144 qualifiers vying for the final free seat. Even pokerkatcd made another run for it, improving to a fourth-place spot but not the win.

Instead it was HACEKOMOE who picked up the win. The Top 10 players were:

  2. Brbt
  3. zazaroni17
  4. pokerkatcd
  5. canemalato
  6. pitgin38
  7. psycosi1
  8. ILPIST64
  9. alternativo
  10. Leknife

The ECOOP gets under way this week with Event 1 starting on Friday. The main event will take place Dec. 9 and has a $1 million guaranteed prize pool.

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