Shorr “Shocked” to Come Ahead of Ivey, Tran in GPI Top 9 of Decade

Shannon Shorr

The GPI released its top nine players of the decade earlier this month and while heavyweights like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey and Erik Seidel were listed there was also one player who came as a surprise to most poker fans.

Shannon Shorr, known for his consistent results but still not a household name, came in at 7th on the GPI’s list, which ranked players from the start of the Moneymaker era in 2004 until 2014, based on the GPI's point system.

Even Shorr admitted it was a surprise.

“It came as kind of a shock, if you look at the names on that list I think I’m the one that stands out,” he said. “It’s really cool.”

The Alabaman was sandwiched between JC Tran (eighth) and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospelier (sixth) who have combined to win more than $20 million on the circuit. Not bad company.

“To be ranked ahead of Ivey and JC Tran is just baffling to me but I guess year after year I have put up consistent results,” said Shorr.

Shorr Still Searching for Major Poker Title

Shannon Shorr
Shannon Shorr at the 2014 PCA

The 28-year-old Shorr has recorded double digit cashes in six of the eight years he's been on the circuit with an astounding 22 in 2006. That's also the year he won Bellagio Cup II for nearly $1 million.

Despite his consistency Shorr remains somewhat of a darkhorse in the poker world, likely due to the fact that a major title has eluded him thus far.

“The story of my career is that I’ve made a lot of deep runs but I’ve never really won,” he said. “I’m really hoping this will be the year where I can get a major title.”

Shorr appears to be going in the right direction. Last year he made three WSOP final tables and won a PCA side event for $160k.

Formerly one of the youngest players on the circuit, Shorr has now been playing for nearly a decade and is a veteran compared to many of the young guns on the tour.

“I have grown up beyond belief,” said Shorr. 

“I’m much happier now. When I first got in I was really caught up with the poker lifestyle. Just partying all the time. Trying to win for all the wrong reasons. Now it’s more about just trying to prove it to myself.

Shannon Shorr: “I’m as Hungry as Ever”

Shannon Shorr
Shannon Shorr back in 2007

It’s not just Shorr who has changed, as poker itself is vastly different when compared to the early 2000s.

“It used to be you’d see poker players at the bar at 8 a.m., these days you see them at the gym at 8 a.m.,” he said.

“The personalities at the top of the business are healthy, well-rounded, open-minded individuals. It’s having a positive effect on the whole business.”

The circuit has also been known to burn out players but unlike some of his fellow poker players Shorr loves spending time on the road.

“The travel is my favorite,” he said. “I live for travel. Playing live tournaments facilitates it. As long as I’m happy I’m going to keep doing it.”

Don’t expect Shorr to go away anytime soon. There’s a good chance Shorr will be winning well into the decade.

“I’m as hungry as ever,” he said. “My focus is at an all-time high. I’m locked in and ready to work.”

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Arthur has been involved exclusively with the poker industry since the 2006 World Series of Poker where he still claims to have captured the first interview with a then-unknown player named Jamie Gold on one of the days leading up to the Main Event final table. Since then Arthur has been working full-time for writing news stories, covering poker tournaments, interviewing players and snapping photos.

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