Shaniac takes on Negreanu in rebuy debate

Shane Schleger
Shaniac defends the rebuy events of the World Series of Poker.

When Daniel Negreanu talks, people listen - and sometimes they even respond.

In a recent PokerListings Billy Baxter if he cares whether the $5,000 No-Limit 2-7 Draw is rebuy or not."

In both his blog post and the interview, Schleger noted that the choice of playing a rebuy event without spending a load of cash has always been an option, and that some players even prefer to play this way. "Sometimes they win," wrote Schleger. "Michael Chu snapped off the rebuy in 2007 on 'one bullet.'"

"To me, the bothersome thing has to do with the fact that rebuy tournaments are such a vital and complex form of tournament poker," Schleger said.

"Anyone with a distaste for rebuys can wait for tomorrow's event at the WSOP, so even if it does represent the wants of a small section of players, there is no reason to make any concessions to that group."

For now it doesn't look as though there will be any changes, but if recent history has demonstrated anything about the WSOP, it's that even last-minute changes are always possible.

With that and other positive developments from the last few years in mind, Schleger said that he's generally pleased with what he's seen at the Rio since 2005.

"Overall I give Harrah's high marks on the way they've handled the WSOP," he said. "In my observation they have done a great job of bringing in all sorts of players. I assume they try to do things in a way that align[s] the players' and customers' interests with their own. Sometimes they just get it wrong."

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