Selbst, Weisner Lock Down Big Tourney Wins

Vanessa Selbst
Vanessa Selbst: Another final table, another win.

Vanessa Selbst and Melanie Weisner proved yet again why they’re two of the most revered female players in the world with big live tournament wins this weekend.

Selbst, easily one of the top poker tournament professionals regardless of gender, stepped up against the heavy hitters in the Bellagio Festa al Lago $5k and took down the title for $90k.

Among the final-tablists were Justin Young, who came second, and Daniel Negreanu, who finished third.

Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, Dan Shak, Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy and 2012 Poker Hall of Fame nominee Chris Björin also made the final to make it one of the toughest of the year.

Selbst did need to get lucky at one point, however. She spiked a queen to crack Bjorin’s aces but took the subsequent big stack and rode it to the finish.

Tweeted Selbst:

Weisner Earns First Live-Tourney Win

Weisner. (Photo: Liv Boeree)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Weisner was busy earning her first-ever live tourney win.

Still slightly more renowned for her prowess online as Calisto 5, Weisner has been steadily building her reputation in the live game over the last couple years and had several top 5 finishes to show for it.

Still, she'd yet to break through with a win until yesterday at WPT South Africa.

Railed by pals Liv Boeree and Tatjana Pasalic, among others, Weisner grabbed the title in the $1k six-max event for $41,289.

The score is Weisner's second-biggest live -- just slightly less than her second-place finish in this spring’s 5k Heads-up event at the EPT Grand Final.

The win pushes her career live earnings up over $550,000.

Even halfway around the globe the two were well aware of each other's successes and showed their support:

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