__FullFlush1__ calls Ivey table "fishy"

Luke Schwartz
Schwartz fears no-one. Not even Phil Ivey!

"I've got an edge over anyone heads-up," announced Luke Schwartz, better known as __FullFlush1__. "I'm the best heads-up No-Limit Hold'em player in the world."

One might think this was just another vitriolic online outburst from the trash-talking high-stakes stud, but think again.

Schwartz made this bold pronouncement at the PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo High Roller event in front of the assembled talents of tablemates Daniel Negreanu, Gus Hansen and Phil Ivey.

Ivey seemed particularly interested in giving him a chance to prove it, offering a durrrr-style challenge to Schwartz over 50,000 hands at $200/$400 NLHE.

But only with some kind of handicap in place.

"I think I'd have no problem winning," Schwartz told PokerListings, casually dismissing the threat posed by Ivey. "But with a handicap, I may as well play Durrrr and get 3-1 on my money."

Although Ivey's proposition fell on deaf ears this time, the pair did cut a deal to swap percentages in this tournament, albeit in a somewhat unusual way.

"Instead of playing heads-up, we've got a little challenge riding on the tournament," Schwartz said. "It's called a crossbow or something. He has to give me 20% of what I cash and I have to give him 20% of what he cashes."

Surprisingly, Schwartz didn't tear into Gus Hansen's play.

Seeing as the buy-in for the tournament is a chunky €25,000, this could prove expensive, but Schwartz certainly doesn't lack confidence.

A table loaded with Negreanu, Ivey and Hansen would be a source of nightmares for most players.

__FullFlush1__ is not most players.

"I didn't find the table tough at all," he said. "It was fishy, that's why I doubled up. Then I got moved to an even fishier table."

Although Schwartz was generally dismissive of the other talent, he had a few words to say in favor of tablemate Gus Hansen's play.

"Gus played alright actually," Schwartz said. "He played pretty tight and did well to bust Negreanu."

As for Negreanu, that's a bit of a different story.

"Hansen busted Negreanu with an overpair," he said. "I knew he had an overpair, Gus knew he had an overpair, the whole table knew he had an overpair. Gus' hand was face-up, but Daniel still called. I thought that was a bit fishy."

Schwartz certainly knows how to stir up controversy, but he claims his trash-talking antics are not there just to give him an edge.

"I don't need to do that," Schwartz said. "I'm better than those fish. I just say what I really think of them.

"Even I can make a mistake though. Today, I five-bet ace-nine for a third of my stack and this guy shoved. He obviously had aces!"

The PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo High Roller event is scheduled to wrap up Sunday.

For all the action from the EPT Grand Final check out PokerListings' Live Tournaments page.

To see what Schwartz had to say about his big-name high-stakes online opponents, like Phil Galfond and the Dang brothers, check out our exclusive interview with him from earlier this month.

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