Robert Salaburu: 2012 WSOP October Nine

Robert Salaburu
Robert Salaburu has been playing poker since he was 16.

Robert Salaburu has earned a seat at the 2012 WSOP Main Event final table, and he’s already guaranteed by far the biggest score of his poker career.

Armed with 15,155,000, Salaburo is seventh in chips heading into the final table. Just like every other player who made it, he’s guaranteed over $750,000.

Salaburu hails from San Antonio, Texas, and has been playing poker for the last ten years. He told he picked up the game when he was 16 playing home games with friends. Salaburu is now 27 years old.

Salaburu started playing online in college and after dropping out, pursued it as a way to make a living.

Salaburu also played a lot of live cash early in his career, but eventually made the switch to online tournaments. Since Black Friday Salaburu has been forced to play live and said that he’s trying to start a car lot business to make money on the side.

With a short list of small live tournament cashes Robert Salaburu had less than $50,000 in live tournament earnings before this Main Event.

He told us that the bulk of his tournament experience came online, where he plays as “treadindank”.

Notable Quote:

“I’ve been playing poker for like ten years now, off and on. I’ve had some pretty good scores online but also some big downswings so it’s just awesome to have a chance now to win a shit-ton of money.”

Robert Salaburu

Age: 27

Online poker name: treadindank

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Robert Salaburu is sixth in chips with 15,155,000.

For a full rundown of how Salaburu got to the final table check out our WSOP 2012 Main Event Live Updates.

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