Richard Lee's gambling list released

Richard Lee
Richard Lee

It wasn't his poker skills that kept him in the public eye, however. Just a few short weeks after cashing in at the WSOP while choosing to promote his hometown of San Antonio rather than an online poker room, Lee's home in Texas was raided by the San Antonio police.

According to the police, the home had been under investigation for months for illegal gambling. The police believed Richard Lee was running an illegal gambling ring from his home in San Antonio.

During the search, betting slips with names of players and gambling debts were found. They also found a "person of interest" looking at an illegal gambling Web site on a computer.

In October 2007, Lee was formally charged for promoting illegal gambling on his Web site. He pleaded no contest to the charges and gave up $2.2 million in a deal with the prosecutors.

Last week District Attorney Susan Reed announced that the Attorney General ruled that some, but not all, of Lee's alleged gambling list be made public. The list is that of the registered users of Lee's Web site.

The list was released today after the certain contact information was redacted and withheld because the contents of the list constituted "highly intimate or embarrassing" information such that it would be considered private under Texas law.

The list consists of names of people believed to have placed bets on Lee's Web site, and names not believed to have placed bets were withheld.

According to News 4 Trouble Shooter Brian Collister in San Antonio, there are several names that appear to be well-known businessmen in the area, but nothing else remarkable and nothing that indicates they actually placed bets through the site.

The District Attorney's Office said those who gambled with Lee committed no crime and will not be charged with anything.

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