Return to Action: Dwan Cleans Up

Tom Dwan

After an unexplained lull in the high-stakes action online, the usual suspects came back to the tables last night with Tom “durrrr” Dwan leading the way.

Dwan's session started with almost 500 hands at $200/$400 Cap Pot-Limit Omaha. After losing almost $40k, he moved to a heads-up table to play $300/$600 No-Limit Hold'em against unknown Swede Isildur1.

The match lasted 374 hands with Dwan making $84,484.

Dwan then went on to lose over $96k at a $200/$400 Cap PLO game before sitting with Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies at $500/$1,000 PLO, where he made $129,240 over 251 hands.

With Sahamies down for the count, Dwan's next opponent would be Cole South. The two sat at $200/$400 PLO where, at the time of publication, Dwan had a lead of over $307k.

Assuming the final result in the Dwan/South match remains the same, Dwan will leave the session with a profit of over $383k.

Meanwhile Isildur1, who had been spotted at some of the lower stakes tables after his $1.8 million dollar loss last week, made his return to high stakes with a $50/$100 PLO match against South.

After winning $81,523, the two doubled the limits to $100/$200 where Isildur1 won another $87,601 over a 1,235 hand match.

With South destroyed, Isildur1 moved on to his regular Hold'em battle against Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo. The match took place over a mix of $100/$200 and $200/$400 tables with Isildur1 making over $143k.

It was at this point Isildur1 sat for his session with Dwan, losing $84k.

After that 374 hand session, the unknown Swede lost $14k at the Cap game before sitting once more with South, this time playing the CardRunners pro across three limits of PLO: $100/$200, $200/$400 and $300/$600.

In total, Isildur1 lost $328,174 to South across the three limits, finishing the day down over $114k.

South, who was still in the middle of a heads-up match with Dwan at the time of publication, currently sits down over $368k.

$200k of those losses came from a high-action $300/$600 PLO match against Sahamies, which saw the three largest pots of the day, all worth over $200k.

Thanks to this win, Sahamies finished his session up $79k.

Below are the three largest pots of the night, all between Sahamies and South. For more pots from some of the other matches, head to MarketPulse.


Almost the perfect flop for South.



Apparently Ziigmund can read souls.



Ziigs misses another flush.

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