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Although poker gets a lot of negative press in the mainstream media the popularity of the game is showing no signs of slowing down.

The first example takes us to jolly olde England where pub poker is the new craze. It's particularly beloved in Lincolnshire, where players total a massive 1,500 out of 6,000 nationally. Approximately 25 pubs host action in the city. In accordance with the U.K.'s Gambling Act 2005, pubs are allowed to host a limited number of low-stakes social poker games.

Professional poker player Dave Cain set up the league and told the Lincolnshire Echo he has been amazed with the response.

"It's taken off nationally, but for some reason it's gone mad around Lincoln," he said. "There are a lot of good players in the city and they relish the opportunity to socialize and have a bit of fun in the pub with the game they are passionate about."

In other words it's a great way for veterans of the game to enjoy some friendly action and it's even better for those who are looking to learn poker in a relaxed atmosphere.

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