Record Field Plus Dog Acrobats in Second WSOP Millionaire Maker

This year's Millionaire Maker field is second only to the 2012 WSOP Main Event.

The second-annual WSOP Millionaire Maker tournament overwhelmed expectations with nearly 8,000 entries, making it the second-biggest field the WSOP has ever seen.

This year's Millionaire Maker field is second only to the 2006 WSOP Main Event.

This event promised a minimum of $1 million for first but with a total prize pool of $10,768,950 the champion will be getting far more.

To get their hands on the cash, however, the eventual champion will have to defeat a field of 7,977 players.

The projection by WSOP staff for the total number of players in the Millionaire Maker was 4,780. They got 4,722 players in the first flight.

It’s safe to say initial projections were a bit off.

With all these players crammed into the Rio at the same time -- along with a few other tournaments still going on -- the clogging was severe.

It's safe to say no one expected dogs.

Breaks gave birth to hallway stampedes that dwarfed those of the Main Event and players could spend their whole break in line just waiting to pee.

Last year Canadian recreational player Benny Chen won almost $1.2 million when he took down the inaugural Millionaire Maker.

WSOP Treats Players to Canine Acrobatics

Day 1 of the Millionaire Maker truly was a zoo, and that's not just in reference to the large crowds of humans.

During the second break of the first flight a pack of dogs and their trainers invaded the Amazon room.

There was barking, frisbees and canine acrobatics for players to enjoy. Dogs bolted through tunnels, leaped onto barrels and caught frisbees while doing backflips.

Then, as quickly as the furry acrobats appeared, they were gone.

As the day went on the field started to dwindle as well. Hundreds of players saw their hopes of a seven-figure score erased by five playing cards.

As consolation to those busted players, here are photos of dogs doing tricks at the World Series of Poker.


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