Rant: Ultimate Poker Sacrificed Quality to Be First into Legal US Online Poker

Ultimate Poker

Ultimate Poker succeeded in becoming the first site to offer legal real-money online poker but it came at a cost.

“We have spent the last year or so with our engineers making sure we fully complied with all the technical requirements of the new regulations here in Nevada.” Ultimate Poker CEO Tobin Prior said in an interview with PokerNews.com.

Out of the gate it was clear that while the software may satisfy regulatory requirements, it left much to be desired as far as the player experience.

You can't resize tables or switch off the sound of poker chips and whizzing cards, there are bet sizing issues, no game filters, no 100bb tables, auto-post feature issues, and lobbies that don’t have starting stack sizes or blind levels.

Unreliable Software May Hurt Brand Trust

Ultimate Poker Chairman, Tom Breitling said, “We have worked closely with state regulators to demonstrate our unique and compelling poker platform that, above all, players know they can trust.”

That’s commendable, but it's hard to fully trust software that put two aces of clubs on a flop for one player in the first few days of action.

Antonio Esfandiari
Antonio Esfandiari is one of the pros wearing the UP patch.

Luckily, there's a hand history feature so you can record the evidence should the problem ever occur again. I know because an Ultimate Poker representative said so on the 2+2 thread.

“If you're ever concerned, there is a hand history tool in the account history dialog box. It's primitive, but it'll show you what the hand was.”

It’s primitive! Here’s an idea. Instead of paying Antonio Esfandiari his weight in gold, why not invest a bit more money in development?

The best reply to a complaint yet came from Ultimate Poker spokesman SCOTTYY who is posting in the 2+2 forum. In response to the myriad of complaints about the client's lag issues he responded with this absolute gem.

“We will have a faster deal with the next release.”

How odd. I would have thought they might have gotten that one right for the first release.

After all, first impressions are supposed to count for something right? Wrong!

This release by Ultimate Poker has nothing to do with first impressions and everything to do with the advantages of being first into a market that will soon be saturated with options.

It's likely that UP will have these issues worked out in short order, but poker players' patience for poor software might not give them the chance.

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jena 2013-08-26 14:54:48

I have been playing Ultimate Poker S

drudown 2013-08-06 14:48:46

I have been playing online since online started.in cali we are only allowed to play thru canada.in tens of thousands of tourneys thru Canada leading a lot of them I am only allowed top ten percent but not allowed top prizes.most sites like lock, carbon , and juicy shut me off there site when leading there tourneys.bovada just shut me off with 6 of the 435 people remaining in a tourney but remain the only choice for US even tho they wont allow me top prizes.i just got back from Nevada and in a few tourneys I had a first and a second place ,which is not allowed thru canadas sites. I am hopeful that this will multistate and we will find out how they pay and get back with you.hopefully not like the canadas sites. although bovada is getting faster.the customer service for ultimate was fast and they where cool. perfect start and the play was real so far unlike canadas holdem . I spend as much time on online poker as any and am ready for more unrigged poker.cant wait and hope these cash out reviews are made right and the Canadian torture holdem is over.

DON 2013-06-24 12:55:37

What a joke this site is. After winning over 3 grand playing poker, I was told my account was suspended while an investigation was being conducted. This was 2 weeks ago, and still they have told me nothing. They also stole nearly 4 grand when another friend I know won on their site. People beware, these guys are thieves and liars. They will steal your winnings. BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE!!

Bill 2013-06-08 16:58:01

unable to verify problem or get kicked off the game !!! during heads up action !!! Lost because I couldn't log back in!!! I was pissed!! Contacted Customer Service and they did nothing!!! Bad Service !!!They didn't even reply to my problem!~! As soon as another site opens I'm leaving this POS Site as well as my co workers all 150 and their friends and families all of them..


chris pioche 2013-06-02 20:39:06

Downloaded the app successfully, but tried to verify my address and provide proof of residency, no go. Called number provided and told takes a few days to verify. One week later, still cant verify my residency. Email address comes back as undeliverable. Site needs way better customer service. Dont bother trying to play here, too many hoops to jump through, very poor service.

Bob 2013-06-01 23:28:42

Ultimate poker has so far cheated me out of $20.00. The UP client crashed twice on me already and Ultimate Poker says just send us the information about the hand number, the line when the crash occurred the other players on the table the amount, the table name and other things.
So I sent in all that info, which took me about 90 minutes to figure out. After 24 hours I still haven't heard back.
I guess UP ans station casinos is willing to stake their reputation on $20.00 that I was cheated out of. God forbid you have a lot of money on the table. UP will confiscate it and you'll never hear from them again.

Help 2013-05-30 00:10:51

@DLP. In order to play UP, you must be playing from within Nevada. You can sign up for an account with an out-of-state ID, as long as your intent is to play somewhere in Nevada. If you reside in Nevada and are having issues, refer to my comment below. If that doesn't work, look up your IP address on dnsstuffDOTcom in the box that say's "IP Information". If all 3 of your dots on the map do not show Nevada, you may be out of luck.

DLP 2013-05-27 07:07:05

Do you have to live in Nevada to sign up?

Bob 2013-05-26 03:45:54

@InTheKnow. Obviously, your a shill for UP. UP clearly should not have released this fiasco of a version of a paying real money on a site that is obviously not ready to work. You don't release a version and accept real money without making sure it works fully. I'm glad I didn't bring money to the casino and put it in my account. Especially after hearing all those horror stories about how hard it is to get your own money back.
I tried since about the 1st of May to get verified and still cannot even though I live here in Las Vegas. Also, customer support takes an average of a week to respond unless you have a ticket number for support, then it's about a day. But even the responses are just them trying to learn from your problem instead of working out the problems themselves before the release. I feel like a guinae pig ( an unpaid one), helping to figure out these problems.
I'm sure the other casino companies are watching and learning from this rediculous fiasco. I'll just wait until one of the other ones come out, responsibly with their own version.

Laura 2013-05-25 21:01:13

Finally a place to play cash for USA players, but is the site really ready? Read the story...

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