PPA puts more heat on Kentucky, adds Massachusetts

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With election day approaching next Tuesday, Poker Players Alliance members have been working diligently to have their message heard in the governor's race in Kentucky.

Governor Ernie Fletcher's election-year decision to oppose a statewide referendum on the issue of casino gaming (including poker rooms) has drawn the ire of the state's poker players.

Since the PPA mounted a statewide grassroots campaign to support poker in the state, more than 1,000 pro-poker letters and phone calls from concerned poker players have flooded the offices of the governor and other state representatives, according to the PPA.

"Governor Fletcher is running not on his achievements of the past four years, but on a campaign of distraction," said PPA Kentucky State Director Rich Muny. "In the process, Fletcher has demonized the good folks who enjoy the game of poker."

Muny pointed out that Indiana has cardrooms built right on Kentucky's borders, as do other states.

"Kentucky deserves to keep this revenue in our own state for the benefit of our own citizens," he said. "Additionally, our citizens deserve the freedom to choose to play a hand of poker."

So far the PPA's efforts in Kentucky have exceeded all expectations, according to Muny, and he warned that Kentucky PPA members will take their pro-poker sentiments to the polls on Tuesday as Fletcher seeks re-election.

In the meantime, poker supporters are encouraged to continue to contact Governor Fletcher at (502) 607-8683 or via e-mail at contact@erniefletcher.com to express their opinion about the right to play poker.

As of today, the PPA is also starting a campaign in Massachusetts to fight for the right to play poker online.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick recently proposed a Bill H.4307 that seeks to expand casino gambling in the state. However, the bill includes a proposition making it a crime to play poker on the Internet.

Under the provision, violators will be subject to a maximum term of two years in a house of correction, a fine of $25,000, or both.

"Ironically, H.4307 is pro-casino gambling legislation, yet it makes Internet gaming a crime," said Randy Castonguay, PPA Massachusetts state director. "This is an unacceptable double standard!"

While the PPA is committed to helping Massachusetts poker players by bringing attention to this attack on players' rights, the organization is calling for Massachusetts residents to do their part.

"We need your help and are asking that you send letters to Governor Deval Patrick, your local State Representative and your State Senator," Castonguay said.

"We have provided a standard letter which will automatically be sent to the above politicians. We encourage you to personalize the letter by adding your own comments. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to make your voice heard."

For more information about these issues, visit the PokerPlayersAlliance.org.

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