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The Poker Players Alliance is further extending its nationwide reach in the United States by naming members to serve as directors of the organization for their respective states.

The State Directors program is part of the PPA's comprehensive strategy to become a player in national and state-level policy debates to protect the rights of poker players across the nation.

"With close to one million members, the PPA is fortunate to have a dedicated and active membership base, but we need eyes and ears on the ground to help us," said PPA Chairman and former Senator Alfonse D'Amato.

"With the state directors program, we will have a leader in each state who can update us on local news stories or legislation and who can quickly mobilize their fellow local PPA members to help carry the PPA banner in their home state. We are proud of the state directors we have named today and look forward to working with them."

More than 1,000 applicants were considered for the state director positions, and according to the PPA, the people chosen were not only active PPA members, but also leaders in their communities who can advocate on behalf of the PPA.

A few positions haven't been filled yet, but the state directors appointed to date are:

Alabama: Bret Atiyeh Alaska: Wayne McGregor
Arizona: Steven J. Yeager Arkansas: Jennifer O'Steen
California: Steven Miller Colorado: Gary Reed
Connecticut: James Freehan Delaware: TBA
District of Columbia: Norman Smith Florida: Dick Campbell
Georgia: Kelli Mix Hawaii: David Wallace
Idaho: Wendy Nutting Illinois: Steve Brubaker
Indiana: Lynda Morgan Iowa: Jim Hudson
Kansas: Susan Thacker Kentucky: Rich Muny
Louisiana: Brian Brinser Maine: Curt Fletcher
Maryland: Bruce Seidel Massachusetts: Randall Castonguay
Michigan: Dave Crocker Minnesota: Matt Werden
Mississippi: Bill Goff Missouri: Nancy Krause
Montana: Mike Barger Nebraska: Dave Willman
Nevada: Ken Illgen New Hampshire: Patrick Fleming
New Jersey: Bill Brottman New Mexico: TBA
New York: Vincent Papasodero North Carolina: Paul Boome
North Dakota: Todd Anderson Ohio: Donshey Peoples
Oklahoma: Greg Peters Oregon: Nick Wellman
Pennsylvania: Tripp Amick Rhode Island: Andrew Knutton
South Carolina: John Ridgeway South Dakota: Vincent Amato
Tennessee: Dwayne Mann Texas: TBA
Utah: Ryan Wilkinson Vermont: C. David Sawyer
Virginia: Jeff Gregson Washington: Lee Rousso
West Virginia: Robert Walker Wisconsin: Steven Verrett
Wyoming: Daniel Prevedel  

The directors will be responsible for monitoring poker-related issues and events in their states and alerting the national PPA office to emerging trends or issues. Part of their job will also be to recruit new members for the PPA, organize groups of local PPA members to attend poker-related events or rallies, contact their elected officials and serve as spokespersons for local media.

The PPA also plans to help state directors set up state PPA committees that will help strengthen the organization's grassroots efforts in the future.

The State Directors program is one component of the PPA's aggressive campaign to boost member benefits, augment its grassroots efforts and position the organization and its members as a strong voice in national, state and local policy debates.

To further enhance its campaign for poker rights, the PPA will be launching a political action committee, a voter registration campaign, a new Web site and new membership incentives later this spring.

Currently the PPA, which is a nonprofit membership organization, has more than 900,000 online and offline poker players and enthusiasts as members, who have joined together to promote the game of poker and protect poker players' rights.

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