Police release more details in case against Richard Lee

Richard Lee

On Friday, the San Antonio Police Department released the affidavit for a search warrant that details some of its mounting evidence against Richard Lee, whose home they raided last week to secure property and evidence involved with an illegal gambling operation.

According to the affidavit, a vice officer has been conducting an investigation since February to gather evidence against Richard Lee, this year's sixth place finisher in the World Series of Poker Main Event, and others alleged to be involved in an illegal online gambling operation.

The investigation was triggered by a business card that was faxed to the police with a local phone number for placing sports bets. The local number turned out to belong to Lee, and since then the investigation has included going through trash, tailing luxury cars, gambling online, and sorting through bank records and phone records.

A source claims Lee, also knows as "The Chinaman," is the biggest bookie in San Antonio, and he's considered to be the brains behind an illegal Internet gambling operation run partly from his home.

No one has been charged yet in the investigation, but the suspected illegal Web site police believe Lee is running is pretending to be based offshore, but in fact is located in the United States where it's illegal for online gambling sites to take bets and collect and pay proceeds from sports booking.

During the search of Lee's home, officers found what they call "players lists." They also seized vehicles cell phones, computer equipment, cameras, firearms, and millions of dollars in assets from bank accounts.

For more information about the raid, please read World Series of Poker Finalist's Home Raided.

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