PokerStars.TV Updates Mobile App with Live Streaming

Watch the PCA main event and High Roller event final tables live on your mobile device.

PokerStars.TV has just released a new update to its app, now available worldwide, that allows poker fans to access free streaming video content from their mobile devices.

Available on Apple and Android devices the PokerStars.TV app will now stream live broadcasts like the PCA main event final table this Sunday.

EPT commentator Joe Stapleton is a big fan of the app but as he told in the Bahamas, it might have something to do with who the content features.

“You have to understand bias because it's basically an app that I can show people and say 'look I'm in an app!' so I love it,” joked Stapleton.

“But I think if you're the kind of person who's going to go online and watch PokerStars TV you have to love the app."

The mobile app already features thousands of hours of poker shows and will eventually include the entire back-catalog available on the PokerStars.TV website.

And in an age of on-the-go, on-demand access to television, Stapleton thinks it's important for PokerStars to make its content available to whoever wants it, wherever they might be.

“I would rather watch all my entertainment on TV but there's a whole generation out there that doesn't give a **** about watching things on TV and they watch everything on their laptop or their phone or their tablet,” said Stapleton.

The app also allows users to download all of the content to view at times when they don't have access to the internet.

Watch the PCA Main Event and High Roller Final Tables Live

If you're on the go and want to catch the final tables of the PCA main event or $25,000 High Roller event they will be streamed live on the new PokerStars.TV mobile app.

EPT commentator Joe Stapleton

The main event finale starts at 14:00 ET on Sunday, January 13 and the the High Roller concludes the following day at 14:00 ET.

PokerStars has already tried out the live-streaming mobile technology and according to Stapleton it was well-received.

“The app's only been out for a few days but we got some feedback when we were doing the live stream and one kid was actually sitting in his car in a 7-Eleven parking lot watching the whole show,” said Stapleton.

Both upcoming broadcasts will feature commentary from James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton, as well as a rotating cast of special guests.

The winner of the main event will take $1,859,000. At time of publishing 40 players remain with American Joe Serock in the lead.

Keep an eye on's EPT News Section for the update.

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