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He may be a beast at the tables on PokerStars, but now DDBeast can be a beast on the streets with his new Porsche.

On Wednesday a representative from PokerStars handed DDBeast the keys to his new Porsche after the 21-year-old American player had traded in three million of his Frequent Player Points to purchase the car from the poker site's FPP Store.

According to PokerStars, it took DDBeast about a year to rack up the points necessary to get the car. It's one of the priciest items in the FPP Store and requires a player to have reached at least Supernova VIP status in order to purchase the car.

What does that take? A player has to have earned at least 100,000 FPPs during the year to become a Supernova player. With his three million points, DDBeast actually achieved that and much more, ending up at Supernova Elite status, which requires one million points earned in a year.

DDBeast first got started playing online once he turned 18 and was playing semi-professionally within eight months. Once he graduated from college in May he moved into full-time play, often playing eight to 12 sit-and-go's at once and the occasional multi-table tournament to change things up.

Now when he's not busy racking up the cash and more FPPs, DDBeast will be cruising the streets in his new Porsche.

Some of the other big-ticket items DDBeast could have purchased with his points as a Supernova level player include thing like concierge service for 186,000+ FPPs or a $1,500 VIP Reward Bonus for 100,000 FPPs.

DDBeast could also have saved up more and shelled out five million FPPs for an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. But perhaps the Porsche was more his style, and it certainly got him out of his '93 Miata much quicker.

Even if you haven't reached Supernova Elite status at PokerStars just yet, there are plenty of things you can do with your FPPs at the different VIP levels.

Becoming a VIP member is as easy as just playing with real money on the poker site. With your first raked hand, you become a BronzeStar VIP. After that 1,500 FPPs earned monthly gets you SilverStar status, 4,000 a month puts you at GoldStar and 10,000 a month, PlatinumStar.

After that are the Supernova and Supernova Elite VIP levels.

For more information about the VIP program at the poker site, visit PokerStars.

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