Poker Tour of the Americas announces six stops

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Vega Promotional Systems Inc. recently announced that the Poker Tour of the Americas will make stops at six of the Western Hemisphere's most exotic cities during its inaugural season.

These cities include Vancouver, Canada, Tunica, Mississippi, San Jose, Costa Rica, Cartagena, Columbia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Quito, Ecuador.

Vega CEO Michael Herron says he is not concerned about the growing number of tournaments around the world and feels that his product will not only compete with other tournaments, but will stand out by featuring the largely unknown talent of South America.

"We've all seen the success that other tours like the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour have enjoyed and we feel that we can produce a first class tournament," Herron said.

"With the popularity that poker has achieved the past few years, this type of tour makes a lot of sense. There are some very good poker players in South America and we look forward to finding the next big name. Our timing couldn't be better. Poker is exploding in South America and Canada and combined with [its] popularity in the U.S., we feel the PTA will be a hit from day one."

These invitational events will welcome players from all over the world and offer the chance to win seats via online and live satellite tournaments. Herron is optimistic that the results will allow the tour to expand to eight events during its second season.

One of the ways the PTA's business models differs from other major poker tours is that Vega is not going to attempt to sell the program rights for the events. Rather, Vega will maintain ownership in order to benefit from advertising opportunities. According to Herron this will allow for maximum profitability.

"We will own the programming and will contract for the necessary time slots to air the one-hour shows," Herron said. "This will allow Vega to profit from the advertising, sponsorships, replays of the programming, and the tournament itself."

Early word is that the PTA has Bob "The Butcher" Clark lined up to do on-air commentary of the events.

"We are very fortunate and excited to have Bob involved in the Tour. We've worked with Bob for quite a while now and he was the obvious choice to provide commentary during the tournaments," Herron said.

"Not only is he one of the most colorful poker personalities in the world, he's a top-notch poker player himself and will add a very unique style of commentary. Bob also has many professional poker playing friends and plans to have a few of those friends make cameo appearances during the tournaments."

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