Poker’s In and Out Wish List: A Very Poker Christmas

winter wonderland christmas tree
We heard they were playing poker back in Bethlehem ... and baby Jesus was running good.

It's Christmas Eve and we're got a few suggestions for Santa Claus when he's putting together gifts for poker players around the world.

Follow our advice if you've got a special poker player to buy for in your life.

Poker’s In (Wish) List: December 25, 2011

A Baller Online Grinding Setup: IN

No self-respecting online grinder’s setup is complete without a few pieces of essential equipment. Any of the following gifts will earn you at least a year of good tidings from the recipient.

  • $1 million laptop from UK-based luxury goods creator Luvaglio. Much skepticism has surrounded this item since its release but since this is a wishlist, we’re going to ignore the haters.
  • If a million bucks is out of the giver’s price range, consider this $10,000 piece of art that’s also one of the most powerful computers on the market.
  • Pininfarina designs Ferraris and they also designed our most-wanted desk chair. This one is more of a stocking stuff since the price tag is only a few thousand dollars.

Christopher Claret’s Blackjack 21 Timepiece: IN

There have been plenty of times we’ve been stuck with a few minutes to kill, reduced to gambling on contrived prop bets for lack of proper wagering equipment. If Santa brings us Chistopher Claret’s new watch all that’s going to change.

Priced between $191,000 and $225,000 USD and produced in limited runs of 21 pieces, the BJ21 lets the wearer and hangers-on play dice, roulette and blackjack by way of game boards on both sides of the case.

From the Christopher Claret website.

$150,000 Poker Chip Set: IN

Once you’ve got the online grinding gear up to par, you must turn your attention to the caliber of your home game.

We’d like to see Santa’s elves knock ups something similar to Stahl’s $150,000 chip set, constructed from an 800,000-year-old meteorite that fell in northern Sweden. Then they added 18-karat white gold, diamonds, Burmese rubies and Sri Lanken sapphires. We want it.

Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack Watch 1
$200,000 isn't too much to spend on someone you love is it?

More here.

Poker’s Out (Wish) List: December 25, 2011

Full Tilt Store Merchandise: OUT

Even if Full Tilt Poker paid back its players today, like some sort of Christmas miracle, it still wouldn’t be okay to dump your FTP gear on unsuspecting giftees.

The only thing worse than tearing open a present to find tube socks is if those socks have the FTP logo on them.  

Poker Art … Unless it’s the dogs playing poker: OUT

At least if you receive Full Tilt Poker socks the logo will be hidden under your pant cuff. If someone gives you a piece of framed poker-themed art you might get stuck with something you hate in plain view.

We might not know why, but we do know poker art just doesn’t work … cough … Godard.

Hellmuth’s How to Play Poker Like the Pros: OUT

Phil Hellmuth might be a world-class tournament poker player but a world-class author he is not. We’ve read a ton of poker strategy books and this one is among the worst.

Don’t let someone make the mistake of buying you this book based on Hellmuth’s cache, and if they do, make sure you’ve got a gift receipt.

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