Young German in Seventh Heaven: Sebastian Ruthenberg Interview

We caught up with Sebastian for a few words after his win.

This is a superb result Sebastian in a tough field. Have you dreamt about this moment for a while?

Yes it is really wonderful, I will only realise how wonderful tomorrow morning!

Is this your first world series?

No this is my second year at the World Series.

Before you became a professional poker player, I understand you studied at university?

Yes, that's right. I did a technology course, but I have been a professional poker player since two years ago.

What was it like to have all your fellow countrymen and german friends here to support you?

Chris Ferguson
Jesus: Had to settle for 2nd

It was great to have them here to support me and cheer me on, thank you very much to them for that!

Your opponent heads up was Chris "Jesus" Ferguson. Was it difficult playing such a heavyweight of the game?

He's a really good player, in my opinion Chris "Jesus" Ferguson was the better player, he has much more live experience, but I tried hard today and it paid off!

Do you think we're going to see some more Germans picking up bracelets at this series?

Absolutely, there are lots of young German poker players who are really really good players, but there's a lot of luck involved also.

Is it true that the game in Germany is really exploding online in the last year or so?

Yes it really is becoming more and more popular!

Katja Thater
Katja Thater: Picked up a bracelet at 2007 WSOP

Congratulations Sebastian, on a great performance and a great result.

Thank you very much!


Sebastian is only the sixth German in history to win a bracelet after Michael Keiner, Katja Thater, Jens Voertmann, Eddy Scharf and Matthias Rohnacher.

However, with Germans picking up four bracelets over the last two years it seems that poker is on the rise in this part of the world, and it will be no surprise if we see more Germans strapping on the gold bracelets at this and future WSOPs.


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