Winner Interview: Phil Tom

Phillip Tom
Phillip Tom wins Event 11 at the 2008 WSOP

This year's $5,000 Shootout is over and the last man left standing, six-shooters still smoking from the battle, is Phillip Tom. No stranger to cashing at the WSOP, Tom was without a bracelet until tonight.

Tom fought his way through round after round, winning each of his tables, to get a seat at the finale. After the first four had hit the rail he was left heads-up against Greg Mueller who's an excellent player. He actually took second in the first event last year so he must have been fighting really hard for the win.

Take us through your thoughts on facing him and how the match went down.

He's actually the only player who was at the table that I knew. I got a pretty good dig in on him at the beginning of the final table because he forgot who I was. In the WPT championship last year I was actually the one who busted him, with A-K to his kings.

He's an incredibly good player and really just very dangerous. I had to be really patient because we had a few wild men at the table. I tried to be cautious and pick my spots and just play the percentages when I could.

Greg Mueller
Always the bridesmaid.

I took a big pot down there at the end when he folded. I guess I probably had the best hand but that's what's so dangerous about his game, it's really difficult to put him on a hand.

This was a super top-heavy prize pool. It took a while to bust that first player and with such a small difference between sixth and all the people who went out in the last round this must have entered into everyone's thinking.

I think everyone was definitely cognizant of that fact and I think the payout for sixth was too low. The difference between the last 30 and sixth was pretty small. So everyone started out really slow. No one wanted to be the first one to bust.

Thanks Tom and congratulations.


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Winning a shootout event is never easy but having to go up against Greg Mueller one on one made it all the harder for Phil Tom. Despite Mueller doubling up once during heads-up play, Tom stuck to his guns, winning the shootout and taking down his first-ever WSOP bracelet.

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