Velador Wins; Interviews

Velador bowled over the field with unrelenting aggression, and talked to about his plan and how he executed it minutes after the win.

Congratulations Luis. What did you think of the field in this event?

There's a lot of dead money, but there's a lot of good players - don't get me wrong. I got hit by the deck yesterday and I just ran over the players. I had tremendously good starting hands and got paid off.

And here at the final table you remained aggressive and just kept rolling?

Yes, that was one of my plans: to put pressure on people with the short stacks and basically play good. Against the large stacks I just wanted to have a hand if I have to show it down. These players were obviously good, but I told one of my friends about one guy who kept coming over the top of me every time I raised and I was going to bust him. I got a lot of big hands, but I didn't have a problem. With a lot of players I know when they are good and I know when they are trying to pull my leg. I've played with some of these guys for years.

How about your heads-up opponent, Anthony Signore?

He was a good player. The few hands in a row where he went all-in I didn't think it was necessary, but I was just going to wait for a good hand and bust him. This [final] hand was tough, but I just figured I had the best hand; I gambled and I was right.

This is your first win, but you are no stranger to the WSOP, are you?

No; [I've] played in two Main Events and I cashed in both.

You've also had some big cashes at the L.A. Poker Classic ...

Yes, two years ago I won the best all-around player there.

Up until now you've had about $160k in career tournament earnings. This win will just about triple that. Any plans for the money?

Yes, I've got plans for it, but I don't want to discuss it.

But do you think you are going to step up and start playing a lot more $10k events around the country now?

I [wouldn't] mind, but there are a lot of tough players there. I'm not here to just play. I look around at those fields and I don't know. I play the cash games here and if it's good I jump in. But some of these tournaments there are a lot of good players. I don't see any value. There's nothing but pros.

What about the rest of the Series?

I'll play some Omaha, some No-Limit and definitely the Main Event.


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Mainly a cash-game player at the Commerce Casino in Southern California, Luis Velador stepped up his game tonight to take home his first WSOP bracelet. Now sitting on a solid bankroll from these three days of work, there's no telling where we'll see him next, but you can bet we will.


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