Farzad Rouhani Splits The Field - Interview

Farzad Rouhani
Farzad Rouhani wins Event 10 at the 2008 WSOP

The dust has settled on event 10, the Omaha, Stud/8 mix event of the World Series, and on the final day of reckoning, Farzad Rouhani was the last man standing, winning the bracelet and $ 232,911 in stunning fashion after hitting quads on the river to defeat Tom Chambers. We grabbed him for a few words after his historic victory.

Congratulations Farzad on a great result there. There was a pretty strong field in this competition wasn't there?

Yes, there were lots of great players in the tournament but in this game, I feel at home, especially when I come to the final table.

When I have chips I don't give away my options very easily and of course cards are what it's all about, you have to hit the cards but I feel very strong about this game.

It looked like you played very well, but you did get some great cards toward the end as well. Do you feel like this was a crucial factor in the win?

'Miami' John Cernuto
Miami John


Well, when you are a poker player and you are 100% confident about your game, you can switch strategy. If the cards don't come your way, you can make different decisions, maybe become more aggressive.

You took a dominant chip lead into the heads up. How did you feel when it got to that stage?

Well Tom's a good player of course but not experienced so I was very, very sure I could take him down. I didn't have to take him down the aggressive way, just little by little. And as you could see, I had real fun!

You could tell! That last hand was amazing too, finishing with quads to win a bracelet, how does that feel?

I feel like a WINNER! I feel like I finally made it! I wish my wife was here to see it.

What do you plan to do for the rest of the series, are you going to play some other events?

That is why I came here, to play lots of events. I come here every year, play as many tournaments as I can and this year I have plans to play more than last year.

And this is a nice boost to your bankroll!

Of course, every extra bit helps. This is the third tournament I have played this series. I plan to play some more and see what happens.

Well congratulations once more Farzad for a great performance and a great result.

Thanks, I feel great!

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