Poker Player Embalmed, Plays a Few Hands at His Own Funeral

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There are about a dozen poker clichés you can start this story with but the astonishing fact of it is still the same:

A man played poker at his own funeral.

There's a growing trend in Puerto Rico, it seems, to embalm the recently deceased and have the corpse participate in an activity he or she enjoyed in life as part of the funeral.

For Henry Rosario Martinez, his passion was poker and his family and friends helped him partake in a few hands at his wake to help celebrate that.

Watch the video(s) (in Spanish) below:

According to the news report it was the first time that particular funeral home has set up a wake like this but it's been done before on the island with activities from riding a motorcycle to boxing.

Martinez died at 31 from a heart attack.

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