Poker legend meets with Phelps

Doyle Brunson
A poker legend meets a legend in the making.

The rumor mills are already grinding away after Doyle Brunson met with Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps recently.

Phelps was in Las Vegas with some of his friends over the weekend. He ended up having dinner Saturday night with Doyle Brunson, and several other pro poker players, which started buzz that perhaps Phelps would be joining the Doyles Room online poker site.

Brunson blogged about the meeting on Sunday, but made no mention of any business talk.

"What a nice kid! He had a bunch of his friends from home with him and they were the guests of the Palms Hotel and Casino," Brunson wrote. "I got a call that he was an avid poker fan and wanted to meet me, Todd, and Hoyt Corkins. Jennifer Harman and her husband Marco were also there."

Brunson brought along some copies of Super/System 1 and 2 for Phelps and his friends, and he spent some time answering all kinds of poker questions from the group.

"Michael said all he wanted to do in life was to eat, swim and play poker," Brunson wrote.

Michael Phelps
Eight golds will get you a meeting with the president and a night out with Doyle Brunson.

That's no surprise after Phelps' performance at the Beijing Olympics this summer. After taking gold in all eight of the swimming events he competed in, news came out about the amount of calories Phelps must consume each day to keep up with his activity level and about his love of poker.

He became a regular at a Windsor casino just across the border in Canada from where he was training in Michigan, plus he's a regular player online too.

It's not a huge stretch of the imagination to put Phelps, who has solidified his place as an Olympic legend, at the virtual tables on the site owned by one of poker's biggest legends.

Phelps is also being courted by other poker industry entities. He was invited to play in the Asian Poker Tour event in Macau recently, and Betfair Poker has also extended an invite to buy him into the 2008 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event.

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