Poker After Dark - champion style

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth will be gunning for his third Poker After Dark first place finish this week.

Tomorrow's episode of NBC's Poker After Dark offers a unique assortment of familiar faces - every player taking to the felt will be a former world champion.

T.J. Cloutier emerged victorious.

Seed won the Main Event in 1996 and is renowned for his ability to win prop bets. He once stood on his head for over 50 minutes to win such a bet.

Finally Gold is probably the most controversial world champion at this table. Gold won $12 million for taking down the Main Event in 2006 but reportedly failed to pay Crispin Leyser, a friend who had staked him. The issue was finally sorted out but not until the damage to Gold's reputation was already done. At the poker table Gold is known for being a brash player and has said he wants to be the world's greatest bluffer.

Poker After Dark's "World Champions" will air all this week. To learn more or find out what time it will be televised in your area go to

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