You Folded What? Leif Force Picks His Fights

Leif Force
Leif Force 2006 World Series of Poker Event 39, No-Limit Texas Hold'em Championship Event - Day 7

So you're a millionaire. Discuss.

Yeah, um, like I just told my buddy, I'm still pretty chill about it. I don't know, it's pretty cool obviously, but hopefully I can keep things going in the tournament.

Can you talk about your poker history a bit?

Leif Force

I've been playing poker since I was a little kid, like pretty much when I learned how to walk I knew how to play cards, and I've been playing ever since. The past few years I've just been playing online a lot at, since it started, and finally this year was the first year I had my bankroll up to the point where I could buy-in [to the Main Event], and I bought in for the $10,000 - spent a third of my bankroll on it, and it's turned into a pretty good story.

So you paid the entire $10,000 buy-in yourself?

Yeah, I just went for it. Let's see what happens.

What do you do back in Florida when you're not playing poker?

I play Ultimate Frisbee for Florida State, and I play cards and go swimming a lot. That's about it.

How would you describe your play throughout the tournament so far?

I can definitely say, and I'd bet all my chips on it, that I've seen the least amount of flops of any player. The first three days I saw about twelve flops. So I've been playing just really tight, just picking my fights, and not trying to see flops at all to try and take down pots.

How have you changed your strategy now as it gets down to the top 15 or so players?

I really haven't tried to change my strategy at all. I've been trying to take one or two different flops and just make a play at it when I can. You know, it's pretty much been the same for the entire tournament.

What's it like playing at the same table as [chip leaders] Jamie Gold and Allen Cunningham right now?

Leif Force

I played against Allen yesterday, and I won a couple of pots against him, so that gave me the confidence coming into his table. Big stacks never really intimidate me - I just see them as a chance to double up, you know, if they're not too great of a player, so I mean, it hasn't been too bad. I just haven't been able to catch any cards.

How have you been playing today overall?

Well, I'm about where I started the day, and so I'm really happy about that. Yesterday I started in 44th out of 45 places, so I'm really happy in my position right now.

What's your goal for the rest of the night?

My goal for the rest of the night is to eat a lot of food and hang out with some cute girls. As for the tournament, I'd just like to - (laughs) I don't really care. I'd like to double up. If I can double up, I'd be in prime position for where I'd like to be for the final table.

Thanks, man. Good luck for the rest of the way.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

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