Furst Finishes First at the 2006 World Series of Poker

Rafe Furst
Rafe Furst, winner of the $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em Event

You've just won the biggest tournament of your career, not to mention a WSOP bracelet, how do you feel?

I feel incredible. I was focused on the bracelet the entire time. I know everyone was playing for the bracelet, but it feels so good when you visualize something and then there it is.

Can you give us a run-down of the table after it got down to three-handed play?

Yeah, it got kind of squirrelly for me once it got three-handed. I guess I played a few pots that maybe were questionable, but if they had worked out I would have had a lot of chips. I always made sure that I had something left to fight back with, so I became patient again and looked for my spots. I did pick up some hands as you'll see on TV. I had some good times.

Did you feel like you had a good read on the other players?

Yeah, I had a handle on what they were doing for sure. Eric [Lynch] was playing really tough, I was fortunate to have him on my right. Rocky [Enciso], being short-stacked, was necessarily unpredictable, but I felt pretty good once it got heads-up. I had a plan for how to deal with them.

Can you take us through the final hand of this tournament and what was going through your head?

Yeah, I got really fortunate when I flopped two pair. It was a little sickening when I got counterfeited on the turn, but I decided at that point that I didn't put him on a 10, so I had to go with my read and luckily it worked out.

You're a member of the Full Tilt Poker Team. What kind of support do you get from those guys, and how does it help you in this kind of tournament?

They're immensely supportive. Poker is an individual game - sometimes it can be lonely out there, and when you have the Full Tilt Poker suite to go back to and all these guys who have all these bracelets are there cheering you on and saying you're playing well and that they're proud of you, it means the world. It really gives me a lot of confidence to play well.

Are you competing in any other events at this year's WSOP?

Yeah, I probably won't be playing any more until the Main Event, I have to go back home and take care of some business but I'll definitely be back in time for the Main Event.

Thanks Rafe and congratulations on your win tonight.

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