Photo Blog from the High-Stakes Aria $500k Super High Roller Bowl

3 July 2015, Created By: Matthew Showell
Photo Blog from the High-Stakes Aria $500k Super High Roller Bowl

Today PokerListings was at the ultra high-stakes Aria Super High Roller Bowl following pro poker player Jason Koon for a new short documentary but that doesn't mean we didn't have time to snap some sweet photos.

Keep an eye on this page throughout the event as we add new pics of high-stakes pros including Phil Ivey, Isaac Haxton, Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier, Brian Rast, Doc Sands, Jason Koon and many more.

The Aria has done a fantastic job of assembling some of the world's best poker pros, along with a group of wealthy businessmen, to play for some of the highest stakes on the planet.

The TV set is beautiful, the lighting is great and we'll be snapping pics until they kick us out.


Aria SHRB Day 2
Aria SHRB Day 2 5
Aria SHRB Day 2 4
Tom Macdonald
Timofey Kuznetsov
Timofey Kuznetsov 2
Max Altergott
Dong Kim
David Peters
Daniel Negreanu2
Daniel Negreanu 2
Brian Rast2
Brian Rast Aria SHRB Day 2
Brandon Stevens and Erik Seidel
Aria SHRB Day 2 3
Aria SHRB Day 2 2
Jason Mercier

IMG 5254

Phil Ivey4

IMG 5313
IMG 5125
IMG 5249
Daniel Negreanu
Isaac Haxton
Chips 4
Phil Ivey 6
IMG 5270

IMG 5272 Flop SHRS IMG 5301 SHRB 9 Jason Koon 5

IMG 5309

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