Phil Laak beats champion poker robot in heads-up match

Phil Laak

This past Friday, July 15th, Phil Laak beat out the "best poker robot in the world" at the World Series of Poker, though he admitted that it was "much better than the average player" and that it "would for sure make money online." Laak went heads-up against the robot after it had won the World Poker Robot Championship, which was sponsored by The event brought together six of the world's best robots in a poker tournament, where the winning robot's programmer was awarded $100,000 and the chance to pit their robot against their pro poker player of choice.

The robot tournament lasted three days, until finally Hilton Givens' robot, "Poker Probot," came out on top. "Poker Probot" went on to play an exhibition match against the University of Alberta's robot, "Poki," and beat it too.

Then, Givens decided upon Phil Laak as their human guinea pig for the subsequent "Man vs. Machine" match. The heads-up competition lasted 3 hours, with Laak finally emerging victorious to the cheers, and relief, of a crowd of poker playing onlookers.

Laak is also reported to have defeated "Poki" in a heads-up match.

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