Phil Hellmuth blows $69k on seven-deuce bluff

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth made a big bluff - and lost.

The high rollers on High Stakes Poker have a prop bet going - if you win a hand holding seven-deuce, you get $500 extra from every player at the table. Trying to pick up this extra cash proved very costly for Phil Hellmuth in the latest episode of the TV show.

Phil Hellmuth picked up 7-2 of hearts and raised to $2,200. Amateur player Mike Baxter called, holding Jh-Tc.

The flop came Qc-9d-5s, leaving Hellmuth with absolutely nothing, but giving Baxter an open-ended straight draw. Hellmuth kept up the charade, however, and bet $6,000. Mike Baxter called.

The ten of hearts fell on the turn, further improving Baxter's hand. He now had second-pair in addition to his straight draw, and Hellmuth was actually drawing dead. This didn't stop the Poker Brat from firing another bullet - $17,000.

"I know you have ten-jack, and I know you're calling already. I'm charging the max, the river will be cheaper," said Hellmuth.

Mike Baxter thought about it for a long time, but finally made the call.

The river, 6d, wasn't cheaper, as Hellmuth had promised. Instead he made a big bet, $44,000. Baxter called once again, and won the pot with his pair of tens.

Phil Hellmuth had wasted no less than $69,200 on his seven-deuce bluff. He was steaming after the hand, and pointed out that he is used to playing against pros, not amateurs like Mike Baxter.

Later on in the program, Phil Laak made a similar seven-deuce bluff and lost around $20,000. It's obvious that the High Stakes players are prepared to risk a lot of money for the prestige of winning a pot holding the worst possible starting hand in Texas Hold'em.

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