Paur, Weiss Discuss Craziest WSOP Heads-Up Match Ever

Taylor Paur
Taylor Paur said he's never seen a heads-up match like his battle with Roy Weiss.

Everything was going smoothly for Taylor Paur last night, until his heads-up opponent Roy Weiss came back from dinner and started shoving blind every single hand.

In the end Paur managed to win the match but Weiss's strategy turned the tables in a big way and actually put Paur at risk of elimination.

“I’ve never seen a heads-up match like it,” Paur told after the bracelet was on his wrist.

“I can’t imagine that in the last few years a player has ever gone all in every single hand heads-up.”

To say Paur had Roy Weiss outmatched would be an understatement.

Paur is an experienced tournament pro both online and live. He's earned more than $4 million on the internet playing as tramp$d0pray on PokerStars and ambiguosity on Full Tilt Poker. That's in addition to his $1.2 million in live earnings.

Weiss had never cashed in a live poker tournament before.

“I was losing and not getting any cards so I used the strategy of going all-in every hand,” Weiss explained to

“I knew he'd have trouble dealing with it as he didn’t want to commit a lot of money; he was trying to small-ball and put the money in after the flop.

“Basically, I made him make the decisions and not me.”

Maniac Strategy Almost Works for Weiss

Paur started the heads-up match with a roughly four to one chip lead and it wasn't until Weiss started moving all-in every hand that he found himself at risk.

After a wildly swingy start Weiss managed to take the chip lead and get Paur all-in.

Weiss shoved blind with 7 5 and Paur called with pocket sixes. If Weiss had hit a seven it would have been over.

Taylor Paur
Taylor Paur wins his first bracelet.

The strategy was clearly upsetting Paur, and at one point he accused Weiss of disrespecting poker by not taking the match seriously.

“I apologized to him after but I honestly think it’s not poker,” said Paur.

“You’re not heads-up for a bracelet every day, every week, every year even. I felt like he was taking away my chance of playing for the bracelet, rather than flip coins for it.

“I feel it’s disrespectful to everyone who entered as they were all trying their best to win this bracelet.”

Paur's friend and fellow poker pro Stuart Rutter watched the entire match, and disagreed with Paur about Weiss's strategy.

“If someone had told him at dinner to do that with his 12 big blinds then that was the right thing to do,” said Rutter.

“The mistake was continuing to do that when he got to 50 big blinds as he could have held back a bit then. But it wasn’t a ridiculously bad thing for him to do at all.

“So it probably wasn’t disrespectful to poker as Taylor was saying,” said Rutter.

Paur pocketed $340,260 and the bracelet while Weiss took $211,794 in his first-ever live tournament cash.

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