PartyPoker Late Night Poker returns

David Ulliott will be making an appearance on PartyPoker Late Night Poker.

U.K. poker fans are in for a treat tomorrow night as PartyPoker Late Night Poker makes its triumphant return on Channel 4.

The episode will be a special one-off celebrity tournament which will be broadcast at 11:50 p.m. Coverage of the main tournament starts on Jan. 15 at midnight and runs for 10 weeks. The celebrity special will feature comedian Dave Gorman, actor John Thomson, Green Wing's Stephen Mangan, tv personality Cleo Rocos, Howard Marks and presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli.

Late Night Poker has had some exceptional poker talent on the show before with Andy Black, David Colclough, Annette Obrestad, Jen Mason, Marcel Luske, Rolande de Wolfe, Praz Bansi, Julian Thew, Marcel Luske, Maria Demetriou, Roy Brindley, Paul Jackson, Liam Flood, Marc Goodwin, Jon Kalmar, Ian Frazer, Robert Williamson III and many more.

Late Night Poker producers have decided to take the show back to its original format of showing hole cards at certain times to build suspense.

"The convention for every poker show these days is to show all the player's cards as soon as they enter a pot," explained producer Rob Thomas. "When late night poker started the style was very different. Player's cards were revealed at appropriate moments during the hand to create more drama as the hand progressed. Twice in each show we will see the hand from one player's perspective. We'll only see their particular hole cards which gives the viewer a different perspective as the hand develops.

"TV poker is about creating drama and tension and in these instances the commentators will have great fun guessing what the opponent might be holding. There's also the excitement of the 'reveal' moment at the end of the hand. We believe this will enhance the viewer's enjoyment."

The entire tournament was filmed in Cardiff and will be presented by Vicky Coren. Thomas Kremser returns as tournament director.

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