PartyPoker's Tony G Answers Your Questions

Give your curiosity a voice in the comments section below.

Here at we conduct a lot of interviews but never before have we given our readers the chance to ask the questions.

We're happy to say those days are over.

The illustrious and always-qualified Tony G from PartyPoker has agreed to take time out of his trash-talking, set-repping schedule to answer the top 20 questions you can come up with.

And we'll be running this contest across all our international sites, which means your questions will be asked alongside those of people from around the world.

Starting today you can leave your queries in the comment section below. Next Wednesday we’ll pick the 20 most compelling, most searching enquiries and present them to Tony G himself.

Maybe you’re wondering what it’s like being “from the streets” or how the G-Man developed his maniacal obsession with bicycle riding.

If you’re still confused just follow the guidelines below.

Acceptable questions:

  • What’s it like winning millions of dollars playing poker?
  • Tell us about your most memorable poker experience.
  • Who was your most challenging poker opponent?

... Less Desirable Questions:

  • Do you like me? I like you.
  • I have a rash on my back. Can you take a look at it for me?
  • Do you agree that Kirstie Alley has gained weight since Cheers?
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