Odonkor1 Cuts Down jungleman12

Joel Nordkvist
Joel Nordkvist.

Once again a relatively unknown Swedish pro has begun to take Full Tilt’s high-stakes games by storm.

This time he goes by the name Odonkor1, but before the rumors start to fly, it is very unlikely that Odonkor1 is the same person as the infamous Isildur1. While they are both Swedish, and have a 1 at the end of their name, it's already widely rumored Odonkor1 is the online handle for Swedish pro Joel Nordkvist.

Odonkor1 has been crushing the $100/$200 No-Limit Hold'em heads-up games on Full Tilt lately, having earned over $803k from the game in just the last three days.

Yesterday's session saw Odonkor1 begin his day by playing Nick Shulman heads-up at $100/$200 NLHE. The match lasted 216 hands with Odonkor1 making just over $4k before seeing Shulman replaced by high-stakes regular jungleman12.

The two grinders sat for 3,012 hands, over which Odonkor1 managed to earn a massive profit of $304,762.

The majority of the profit came from winning all three of the largest pots of the match, the biggest of which clocked in at $163,065.

Surprisingly enough, the pot was won with Odonkor1 hitting two pair while holding 2 3, one of the worst possible starting hands in heads-up Hold'em.

After having made over $300k on the night, Odonkor1 has brought himself up to $714,642 in winnings on the year, currently making him the 11th most profitable player of 2010.

Below are the three largest pots from the heads-up match. For more hand replays head to our online poker stats page.


Bottom-two takes the cake.



A great setup for Nordkvist.



The house hits the river.

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