NYC poker club robbed, manager arrested

Here's your classic lose/lose situation for today: You're the manager of an illegal poker club in New York City. Gunmen storm in and rob your "bank" and your patrons, making off with about $50k. The cops are called. And they proceed to arrest you for managing an illegal poker club.

Such was the fate, reports the New York Daily News, of one Edgar Concepcion - poker room manager at the National CardRoom, an upper East Side card den frequented by Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, Sopranos star Robert Iler and NBA players Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy, among others.

Police sources said two gunmen stormed the club around 12:30 a.m. and ordered everybody on the ground before fleecing them for all the cash.

They than ran out of the club to a getaway car - chased by one of the patrons who was a little upset about the situation.

The officers responding to the call had no luck tracking down the gunmen, but had no problem charging Concepcion with "promoting gambling and possessing book-making supplies."

Poker players can legally play cards and make bets at poker clubs in New York, but it is illegal for the owners to take a cut.

The original club opened about three years ago on the third floor of the building on E. 61st St. and was known as the Ace Point Backgammon Club and Chess Studio.

It had been busted and shut down before but had just reopened about six months ago with the new name.

Concepcion is still waiting to be arraigned.

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