November 9er Kenny Hallaert’s Successful Debut as Unibet Open TD

Kenny Hallaert UnibetOpen
Kenny Hallaert at Unibet Open Copenhagen

In November Kenny Hallaert has the chance to become a poker multi-millionaire at the World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table.

While many of his competitors have chosen to take some time off to focus on the final table, the Belgian will instead continue in his job as tournament director. In fact he's taken on a little more responsibility as the new tournament director at the popular Unibet Open series.

Last week Hallaert made his debut at Unibet Open Copenhagen, a €1,000 buy-in tournament at Casino Copenhagen with 376 players in the Main Event. And if the slick tournament was a preview of what is to come for Hallaert at the November Nine is he likely to end up with the bracelet.

“Everything went smooth and there were no major issues” Hallaert said.

“We haven’t heard any complaints from players as well and I can only be happy about how this tournament ran out”.

Hallaert Brings Wealth of TD Experience

Hallaert has been the tournament director and poker manager at a number of casinos in Belgium but he was happy to get the chance to handle a large tournament series like Unibet Open.

Kenny Hall IMG 9227
Kenny Hallaert got some good chip counting practice this summer.

His appointment was announced only a few weeks after he made the November Nine so Unibet Open Copenhagen was his first appearance in a major tournament.

During the week in Copenhagen, Hallaert received a considerable amount of handshakes and congratulations from the players but otherwise it all felt very familiar to the Belgian.

“The fact that I made the November Nine did not change anything for me personally. As the tournament director I want to make sure that the players have a nice experience and that it is handled with professionalism.”

Hallaert will be the TD at another Unibet event in Belgium in two weeks from now before he starts focusing on the November Nine.

Finland’s Liimatta Takes Down Unibet Open Copenhagen

Unibet Open Copenhagen featured players mainly from Northern Europe and it also came down to a an all-Scandinavian duel. Two players from Finland and two players from Sweden were the final four players with Finland's Joni Liimatta taking the eventual win.

Joni Liimatta UnibetOpen

Liimatta first busted Robin Sevastik with J T vs K 3, then Evgenuy Ievkov with 7 7 against A J and finally getting the better of Sweden’s Daniel Wittikko with K 9 vs A 9.

The Finn hit a king on the flop and another one on the river to secure the win and €70,514 (525,000 DKK).

Among the players making the trip to Copenhagen were also Scott Ball, poker manager at Twitch and a member of the GPL Las Vegas Moneymakers as well as two-time Unibet Open winner Mateusz Moolhuizen.

Unibet Open Copenhagen

Buy-in: €1,000+€100 (7,500+750 DKK)

Players: 376

Prize pool: €363,602

Final table payouts:

  • 1. Joni Liimatta (Finland) – €70,514

  • 2. Daniel Wittikko (Sweden) - €44,995

  • 3. Evgueny Ievkov (Finland) - €31,129

  • 4. Robin Sevastik (Sweden) - €23,129

  • 5. Lasse Haagensen (Denmark) - €17,783
6. Srdan Andric (Serbia) - €13,673

  • 7. Patrick Coughlin (USA) - €10,946
8. Alexandru Dan Nistor (Romania) - €8,757

  • 9. Rune Thomsen (Denmark) - €7,011

Written by Thomas Hviid

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