Norway's Elisabeth Hille Inspires Female Poker Players Worldwide

Elisabeth Hille
Elisabeth Hille is in Las Vegas for another shot at the WSOP Main Event.

Last year Elisabeth Hille and Gaëlle Baumann finished 11th and 10th in the WSOP Main Event, an accomplishment Hille hopes will inspire more women to get into poker.

Hille made it through 6,588 players before getting all-in preflop with A Q against Andras Koroknai's pocket sevens.

“The things that stand out, remembering back, is all the cheer and support I got from friends, family, and complete strangers,” Hille told

“I don't have any major regrets, except that killer flip in the end,” Hille joked. “I regret losing that.”

One year later Hille realizes how significant her and Baumann's deep runs were. They were featured extensively on the ESPN broadcast and each earned enough money to make big life-changes.

“During and after the Main Event I got a lot of messages from ladies all over the world who congratulated and told me they were rooting for me,” explained Hille.

“So obviously there are plenty of women out there playing poker and it would be amazing if even more discovered how great this game is, regardless of gender.”

Hille is far from the only female succeeding in poker. Players like Vanessa Selbst, Lucille Cailly, Maria Ho, Vanessa Rousso and Liv Boeree have been posting big scores for years.

"I remember when Anette Obrestad won the WSOP Europe Main Event, and thinking how fu***ng cool it was,” said Hille.

“I hope someone thought the same thing about Gaelle and I.”

Big WSOP Score Means More Poker for Hille

Since her score in Las Vegas last summer Hille has cashed in tournaments across Europe including Prague, London, Berlin and Monte Carlo.

This summer she'll be representing in the WSOP Main Event.

“This year has been amazing, and because of the money I could cut back on shifts at the restaurant and play more online and travel to more live events,” Hille said.

Elisabeth Hille and Kara Scott
Hille speaks to ESPN's Kara Scott following her elimination from the 2012 Main Event.

“I've had so much fun and I've had so many opportunities I never would have had if it wasn't for the Main event.”

Hille is now in Las Vegas and will be playing today's Ladies Championship. It's the first tournament Hille has played in the last few weeks but overall the last year has been all about poker.

“This year I have played a lot. A lot,” she emphasized.

“I used to mainly play cash-games online, but this year I've been focusing more on tournaments.

"I've traveled to live tournaments almost every month, sometimes twice a month, and I've learned a lot since last year. So hopefully I will bring all this new experience and go deep this time too!”

The Main Event begins July 6 and will reach the final nine players July 15. will be covering the entire event live, including video, news, photos and live updates.

Check out our WSOP 2013 Live Coverage Section for links to all the action.

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