No USA, No Problem: Russians Drive 2011 SCOOP Traffic

SCOOP 28 L 2011
Worldwide growth seriously mitigated Black Friday's effect on the world's biggest online poker tournament series.

With over $43 million paid out and more than 400,000 individual tournament registrations in the 2011 PokerStars SCOOP, the state of online poker is strong despite the absence of U.S. players.

With no players eligible from two of 2010's four most-represented countries, big drops in traffic might have been expected in 2011.

But with the official numbers finally in, it seems those losses have been mitigated by increased participation from several countries - in particular Germany, Russia and the UK.

American players were responsible for 147,026 SCOOP registrations in 2010. That represented over 31% of the 461,936 buy-ins generated that year.

French players bought in the fourth-most in 2010 with 27,316 registrations. Since 2010 France has shut its doors to non-French online poker rooms, barring players from that country from the PokerStars SCOOP.

Overall, the U.S. and France represented a combined 38% of the buy-ins in 2010.

The 403,378 total buy-ins in 2011 indicate just a 13% drop this year, however, thanks to the big increases in attendance from other countries around the world.

Russia finished with the biggest increase in tournament registrations, jumping from 22,118 to 46,878.

Without the U.S. player base dominating registrations, Germany became the most-represented country overall with total buy-ins going from 47,130 to 57,378.

Spain’s attendance nearly doubled, from 12,406 to 21,681, and Greece came close to tripling its total buy-ins, skyrocketing from 3,500 to 9,348.

Canada maintained its strong attendance with 29,347, down slightly from the 30,763 in 2010.

Check out our SCOOP 2011 Infographic here for more info.

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