NJ Gov. Christie Greenlights Online Poker with Conditions

Atlantic City by Ron Miguel
Atlantic City by Ron Miguel

Gov. Chris Christie gave the go ahead for legal online poker in New Jersey with some conditions on Thursday.

Christie technically vetoed the bill but said that he would support the law if it were put on a 10-year trial period.

“I recommend that this law authorizing Internet gaming in New Jersey sunset after a period of ten years, giving future leaders the perspective and opportunity to revise and renew Internet gaming as appropriate,” Christie said in a statement.

Online gaming advocates were concerned Christie would veto the bill outright so today’s development is being considered a victory for Internet gaming.

"With these goals in mind, I have concluded that now is the time for our State to move forward, again leading the way for the nation, by becoming one of the first States to permit Internet gaming,” said Christie. 

“I authorize this step towards modernizing Atlantic City’s entertainment attractions cautiously, with carefully constructed limitations that will ensure the highest integrity and the most robust oversight."

The governor recommended that Internet gaming be taxed at a rate of 15 percent, instead of the proposed 10 percent, and that compulsive gaming programs should be better funded.

The bill now returns to state legislature where it will be revised based on the governor’s recommendations. Christie will provide his final signature after the amendments have been made.

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