NETeller customers already seeing money

Isaac Haxton
Isaac Haxton will have even more to smile about now that he should be able to get his $800k tournament winnings from NETeller.

NETeller's U.S. customers who had money frozen in their accounts for more than six months are already seeing results as withdrawal procedures finally became available on Monday. Several customers have reported the money is already in their bank accounts.

Poker pro and author Lou Krieger, who reported in his blog on Monday that he had received the e-mail from NETeller and started the process to withdraw funds, reported yesterday the money was already in his account.

"I'm happy to report that those funds were transferred to my checking account today, no more than 24 hours after I requested them," he wrote.

He said he's glad it worked out as well as it did and hopes every U.S.-based customer has access to their funds as quickly as he did.

"Sometimes speed doesn't kill. Sometimes it's wonderful," Kreiger said.

He isn't the only one reporting positive results. Members of the NETeller Customer Coalition are reporting successful withdrawals already as well.

The group's forum is filling up with comments about a less than 24-hour turnaround in some cases to seeing their funds deposited in bank accounts.

When the group was first formed, the moderator told that members had a total of more than $500,000 locked up in NETeller after U.S. customer accounts associated with online gambling were frozen. The group has since grown to more than 800 members looking to get their money from the e-wallet.

Now that people are getting their money back, the moderator of the group chose to step down and said the forum will be shut down in a few months once most of its members have received their money. He also pointed them to another site to continue their support of poker and each other.

One of his parting comments was to encourage members to support poker players rights to gamble online.

"On behalf of the poker players out there, I DO think there is one last thing you should do if you haven't done it already," he writes in the forum.

"You've got 'found money,' put it to good use. Outside of finding me at a poker table and donking some cash to me (which would be much appreciated), join and donate some money to the Poker Players Alliance. They have 800k members to our 800 and are truly working the bigger issue."

To request funds, after U.S. customers receive an e-mail from NETeller, they can sign into their accounts and request the release of their funds.

U.S. customers will have until Jan. 26, 2008, to make their request and have funds transferred to the bank account on record or sent to their mailing address in check form. NETeller will not charge withdrawal fees.

"As NETeller is returning $94 million to hundreds of thousands of U.S. customers, it will take some time for all payments to be processed," says the e-wallet on its site.

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