Negreanu wins PokerStars High Stakes Showdown

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu wasn't kidding around when he played his first High Stakes Showdown Sunday and won.

Daniel Negreanu may be busy hitting the poker tournaments and golf courses in Europe these days, but he wasn't too busy Sunday to try his hand in the PokerStars High Stakes Showdown.

Not only did Kid Poker try out the tournament for the first time, he took it all the way home to earn the first-place prize of $50,000.

"I've known about the $10,000 buy-in High Stakes Showdown on PokerStars for quite some time now, but this was the first week I had the chance to play in it," Negreanu said in his blog.

With a $10,000 buy-in, the crowd isn't always big for this heads-up style challenge - usually about eight people - but there's still serious cash involved.

Not only did Negreanu earn $50,000 during his first stab at the tournament, the second-place finisher, gibralter11 from the United States, took home $30,000.

Negreanu isn't the first pro to take down the High Stakes Showdown. Barry Greenstein also booked a win in the event. The two pros are both additions to the PokerStars Team this year.

Negreanu was recently in the Philippines to play in the Asia Pacific tour event there sponsored by PokerStars. He followed that up by heading to the European Poker Tour event in Barcelona and is taking on the World Cup of Poker as part of the Canadian team.

He hasn't had a lot of time to work on his online game, but he was happy with how he played on Sunday.

"Well, as I'm learning to play online poker again," Negreanu said in his blog, "I've decided to try a little harder and take it more seriously. I think I played pretty well in all three of my matches, and I went on to win the tournament and $50,000."

The High Stakes Showdown is noted for attracting some of the high-level players on the Internet. Sorel Mizzi has won a few of the tournaments.

Malicious222 was last week's winner, and he was taken out this week by Negreanu. A prominent online player in his own right, malicious222 was not too proud to ask for advice and critique of his play during the heads-up match with the pro.

Not everyone who turned up to watch the matchups was as impressed. According to Negreanu, the railbirds had no problems throwing out comments about how they could easily beat Kid Poker and the other players in the tournament.

Despite that, Negreanu said he enjoyed the competition and plans to return to play again this Sunday.

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