Nastiest Poker Hand Ever? Justice Served for "Disgraceful" Slow Roll

Andreas Gann
Andreas Gann

German Andreas Gann pulled off one of the most audacious slow rolls ever recorded earlier today at the final table of the Irish Poker Open but ended up on the wrong end of the hand anyways.

The hand began with Irish poker legend Donnacha O’Dea, who was one of the bigger stacks at that point, opening for 100,000 chips with A 6.

A short-stacked Gann made the decision to just call with K Q.

The flop came A 8 6 to give Gann an ace-high flush for the stone-cold nuts.

Gann Waits Minutes to Call All-in With Best Hand

Donnacha O´Dea
Donnacha O´Dea

Gann decided to hide the strength of his hand and just check. This prompted O’Dea to immediately put 300,000 in the middle, more than enough to put Gann all-in.

For some reason Gann made the baffling decision to just sit there with the stone-cold nuts, despite having an easy call.

As Gann continued to wait, the commentators got more irate and called his actions “disgraceful.”

Finally after a few minutes Gann smiled, made the call and showed his superior hand to everyone in the room. That immediately prompted a chorus of boos from the rest of the players at the table and from the audience.

It didn’t help that O’Dea is one of the most respected players in the history of Irish with a WSOP bracelet victory way back in 1998.

The hand wasn’t, over, however as O’Dea had a slim chance to fill up his full house and bust Gann.

It didn’t happen on the turn as the dealer put up the 7.

By this point the audience was chanting for the dealer to put out a six and that’s exactly what happened as the 6 peeled off the deck.

The poker room exploded in thunderous applause for O’Dea as Gann was sent to the rail in eighth place for €26,750.

Gann had to be escorted out of the casino by security as he continued to receive threats from those in the room. 

O’Dea went on to finish in fifth place for €61,850. Here’s a clip of the hand:

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Mr. Berry 2015-04-07 08:20:26

Rarely do you want an outcome this bad and justice is done. Poker gods were kinds for once.

Hank 2015-04-06 14:54:21


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