Muhyedine Fares: "I’m Having Time of My Life in Poker Right Now"

Muhyedine Fares 2
Muhyedine Fares

You don’t typically find many players from West Africa in EPT events, so when you do it's always a good idea to say hello and ask what brought him or her here.

Muhyedine Fares is officially listed here as from Senegal, which means he traveled over 5,000 kilometers to play the PokerStars and Monte Carlo EPT Grand Final this week.

Apparently it’s not his first time, either, but now as a member of the official final six and second in chips heading into the final day he's certainly made it worth his while.

"I Buy In for Cash"

“I’m a businessman," Fares told PokerListings on a break during Day 4 yesterday. "I deal with construction material like ceramics.

"My work brings me to Europe almost every month, but I usually only play in Dakar. However, once a year I take some time off and play some events in Europe.

Muhyedine Fares 3
Doesn't get much more fun than this

"This year, just as last year, I’m in Monaco to play.”

Indeed, Fares made the money in the main event last year, too, with a 71st-place finish out of 650 runners for €21,800.

He’s not the typical online player who sits for hours and hours in front of the monitor. In fact, Fares didn’t even try to qualify online.

“I don’t have that much time to play. So when I take my time to play in Europe, I buy in for cash.”

"It's Never Been This Much Fun"

This year seems to be the lucky one for him, however, as he’s made two final tables.

The Cash
Suitcase of Euros to take home always helps.

The first was in the €5k turbo 8-handed where he finished in eighth place for €14,200.

Now heading into the final day of the Main Event he's locked in €233,500 more, at least. With the amount of chips he has in front of him, a lot more is possible.

Even though Fares is explicitly an amateur player – his only other results being two cashes in the Dakar Casino - he’s not intimidated in the least.

When asked during the final play down from 15 if he thinks the other players are good, he said: “Yes. Some of them.

"But I’m not nervous at all. I’m having the best time of my life in poker right now. It’s never been this much fun.”

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