More WCOOP controversy for Greg Raymer

Greg Raymer
Greg Raymer busted out of the WCOOP main event in 234th place.

Two weeks ago, Greg Raymer was accused of cheating when he won WCOOP Event 6 at PokerStars. The Fossilman got involved in a heated discussion again over the weekend when he got knocked out of the main event.

Greg Raymer busted out in 234th place in the 2007 WCOOP main event, earning $5,246.50. His exit wasn't very dramatic at all. The Fossilman moved all-in with pocket eights, and failed to improve against his opponent's pocket jacks.

A player called belragazo from Paris, who wasn't involved in the pot, seemed very excited about Raymer getting knocked out, however, writing "kill him" in the chat before the pot, and "yes!!!!!!" when it was all over.

belragazo explained his outbursts by writing "i would be 500 000 if he was not here."

The other players at the table seemed to be on Raymer's side, and the Fossilman himself wasn't slow to respond.

"bel, you have the worst attitude I've seen in weeks," Raymer wrote in the chat.

"bel, I like French, but guys like you give them their bad reputation. try to act more like Bruno Fitoussi," he continued.

"u should know me, i am the nicest guy ever," belragazo replied.

"bel, you're a jerk, jerks always lose in the end," were Raymer's final words in the argument.

The Fossilman's point was proven a little later when belragazo busted out of the tournament in 166th place, earning $6,745.50.

NOTE: At the time of writing, the WCOOP main event was still running with 106 players (out of 2,998 starting) remaining in the tournament.

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