Monster Pot Recap: Galfond Taken for $275k

Phil Galfond
Playing from Vancouver, Phil Galfond took a $275k beating on PokerStars yesterday.

The biggest pots of the last 24 hours were contended by Phil Galfond and Sander “Berndsen12” Berndsen at the $200/$400 PLO tables on PokerStars with Galfond finishing the session a $275,000 loser.

Berdsen was on the losing side of the day’s biggest pot, a $127,186 monster, but thanks in part to winning the second and third biggest hands he finished up $144,343 on the day.

That session brings Berdsen’s 2012 net profit to just over $550,000 on PokerStars, while Galfond’s winnings on his MrSweets28 account so far this year were knocked down to just under $80k.

In total three pots made it into six-figure territory yesterday.

Galfond Redraws for $127,186

Game: $200/$400 Pot-Limit Omaha on PokerStars

Players and Stacks:

  • Berndsen12: $111,902
  • MrSweets28: $63,594

The biggest pot of the day was an absolute rollercoaster, with $127k going in on the flop with Galfond as a moderate favorite.

It started with Berdsen opening from the button to $800 with K J 7 5 and Galfond three-betting A 8 J 7 to $2,760 from the big blind, call.

Preflop Winning Percentages: Galfond 58% - Berndsen 38% - Tie 4%

The flop rolled out J 6 4, giving Galfond top pair top kicker and a gutshot while Berndsen found top pair and an open-ender with a backdoor heart draw. That’s when the fireworks began.

Galfond check-raised from $4,848 to $21,052 before Berndsen moved all-in. Galfond called off and was looking to make the best hand hold up.

Flop Winning Percentages: Galfond 55% - Berndsen 38% - Tie 7%

The 8 on the turn changed that in a big way. Hitting his straight, Berndsen was now 85 percent to win while Galfond’s hopes had shrunk to just 7.5 percent.

Turn Winning Percentages: Galfond 7.5% - Bernsden 85% - Tie 7.5%

But the river turned the tables again, coming the 8 and making Galfond’s full house.

Check out the hand in action:

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Berndsen Hits Wrap for $102,438

The second biggest pot of the day once again saw all the money go in on the flop.

The hand began with Berndsen opening to $800 from the button with Q 9 8 3 and Galfond three-betting A A K K to $2,760, call.

Preflop Percentages: Galfond 69% - Berndsen 31%

The flop fell J T 5, giving Berndsen the wrap but leaving Galfond’s aces, now with a gutshot, well ahead.

Galfond led out for $4,800 and was raised to $20,878. Galfond shoved and Berndsen quickly called.

Flop Percentages: Galfond 56% - Berndsen 44%

The A gave Galfond a set but didn't change a whole lot. The 9 on ther river, however, definitely did. Berndsen's straight was good for the $102,438 behemoth.

Check out the replay:

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