Ladbrokes poker goes 3-D


It's taken awhile but Ladbrokes has finally brought online poker into the three-dimensional world.

The feature, which Ladbrokes previewed a couple months ago, launched earlier this week and players can now take a seat at a 3-D table.

Ladbrokes is the first poker site to offer a 3-D virtual reality poker experience and every game they offer can be presented in 3-D if the customer wishes.

"This is a major step in the convergence of video gaming technology and online gaming and we're pleased to be the first leading poker site to go virtual," commented Ladbrokes MD of eGaming John O'Reilly in a press release.

All Ladbrokes customers will now have the option of creating a 3-D avatar with physical characteristics chosen by the player. The avatars will display the same human-like movements as characters in state-of-the-art video games. It's up to the player if they want the avatar to resemble themselves.

Players can tweak their eye color, skin tone, hair color, facial features and more. There will also be a randomize feature which will create an avatar for the player. If you're feeling particularly brave there is also a "freak" feature which creates the weirdest, wackiest characters.

Players can have their avatar perform fake tells such as scratching their head or punching the air. There are even chip tricks that can be done.

There is also a robust single-player experience that can be played offline. It will include a tutorial for new No-Limit Hold'em players that covers items like starting hands, bluffing, odds and table position.

Despite all the new features the best one is probably the simplest. Being able to play in a true 3-D environment will bring players one step closer to the casino experience.

One thing is certain, online poker just got a lot more interesting to look at.

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