Julian Gardner, 2002 WSOP Main Event Runner-up

Julian Gardner
Julian Gardner interviewed by PokerListings.com at the 2005 World Series of Poker.

Julian Gardner turned pro upon leaving high school and distinguished himself as the youngest millionaire in the game. He is known as a soft-spoken but very aggressive player. It has been said that he was born with cards in his hands.

Do you play online poker?

I play a lot of online poker and my favorite site is Ladbrokes Poker. The only negative thing with Ladbrokes is that Americans can't play there.

Are you a 100% poker professional?

Yes, I only play poker and have been for 8 years. I don't travel too much these days and limit myself to playing certain tournaments. Most of the time I spend playing today is spent playing online. Actually, before the whole online business started, I traveled extensively all over Europe since I wasn't old enough to play in the States.

Do you play in both side games and tournaments?

Yes, I play about as many side games as tournaments. I have won at both and I think it's more fun to play when you vary your games.

How have tournaments changed for you as a player as compared to how they were before these huge fields of mainly Internet players?

When I get to a table I try to give every player at the table respect even if I have never seen or heard of them before, then I adjust to their style of play. There are so many great unknown players today that you have to assume unknown players are good.

Some players don't like to take flops in No-Limit Hold'em tournaments and basically only play 'move in' poker. Do you consider yourself a flop player or pre-flop player?

I like to play both styles. Mostly it depends on how deep the stacks are in comparison to the blinds and antes. But basically a good player wants to force "move-in" players to take flops with them because that gives the good players more opportunities to outplay them.

How many WSOP tournaments will you play in this year?

There are about 15 of them that I'd like to play in but it all depends on whether or not I advance to Day 2 or 3 in some of them.

Where is your favorite place to play poker in Las Vegas?

I like the Bellagio poker room best, but for obvious reasons I am pretty fond of Binions Horseshoe as well.

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