Johan Storakers, European Poker Star

Johan Storakers
Johan Storakers in the WSOP 2005 Event 13, $5,000 No-limit Hold'em tournament.

Johan Storakers has been a familiar face on the European poker scene for many years and a top European player. He is currently endorsed by online poker room MultiPoker and has been on a 'round the world' poker tour this last year, participating in major tournaments such as the WPT and the 2005 WSOP.

How long have you been playing poker?

I have been playing poker professionally for 8 years.

Do you play online poker?

I do play a lot of online poker. I have qualified for the main event via online poker once before and now I am endorsed by online poker room MultiPoker.

What is your favorite poker game?

No-Limit Hold'em tournaments because they require the most skill and its the biggest money game today.

How has your tournament strategy changed as a result of the great poker boom?

Not too much, I just try to play the style that beats my opponents. If you spend a lot of time playing online you automatically adjust to a new style of play.

You just got knocked out of the WSOP $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em tournament, finishing in 42nd place and cashing $6,570. What happened?

I had this player to my right who had been raising a lot for about 8 rounds and I had not taken a stand against him yet. So, with the blinds at $800-$1,600 and a $200 ante he made it $6,500 to go. This time I was in the cut off seat and had the 7 7 and $52,000 in chips. I decided to re-raise him $10,000, making it $16,500 to go, and he called. The flop came Q 4 2 and my opponent checked. With the pot at about $35,000 I decided it was time to make a move with my last $36,000, so I bet all-in. He thought for quite some time but finally flipped over the A K giving him 2 overcards and the nut flush draw, a total of 15 outs thus making him a small favorite to win the pot. The 4 came on the turn but then I lost when the As hit on the river. Well, that's poker, I am pretty happy with the way I played.

What are your poker ambitions?

I still love playing poker and I just want to keep doing well in tournaments and obviously win more and bigger tournaments.

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